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Lynxes cricket began on July 3rd when Owen Dearn’s team of recent leavers played a strong School XI. In a 40 over match Dougie Gordon scored a splendid century for the school, who won by 38 runs. The following Sunday saw the launch of a new event, “The Lynxes Lash”, in which several teams played six–a-side games on two pitches. This was a great success and the concept will be further developed next year.


The “week” was blessed with hot weather and cloudless skies. Steven Hooper prepared Bigside to perfection and the setting was enhanced by the newly acquired boundary rope, sightscreen and comfortable furniture. The catering was excellent, thanks to Graeme Edmonds and his staff and through the hard work of Gary Marshall, the Lynxes Chairman, all players were able to enjoy drinks from the pavilion during and after the games. 


Three more matches were played (all with limited overs format) and all were won. In the game against the Bully Boys the Lynxes chased down a score of 275 for the victory. Against the Old Georgians Nick Manser scored a brilliant 107 (thereby winning the The Andrew Bond Cup for batting) while his opening partner Matt Simpson (School) had to be content with a mere 86 runs. In his three games Owen Dearn earned the David Winterbottom Bowling Cup.  


Sadly the Fleet Street Exiles and The Pink Panthers could not raise sides this year.

Raising our own teams was not easy either, although nearly 30 Cranbrookians agreed to play during the week, including several very good School players. These were:


Asraf Adil (School), Simon Anthonisx (R 1970), James Barron (CR 1991), Toto Berger (R 2011), Luca Bertoli-Mitchell (W 2012), Oli Clark (School), Max O’Collins (W 2009), Patrick Coyne (2007), Owen Dearn (W 2012), Will Goulstone (2005), Will Huish (W 2011), Finn Hulbert (School), Jeff Jowers (C 1987), Jeremy Lawson (A 1990),  Nick Manser (R 2011), Gary Marshall (H 1977), Oliver Morkel (A 2005), Paul Morkel (A 2004), Ned Powell (W 2012), Joe Schindler (A 2012), Guy Schindler (School), Matt Simpson (School), Will Tomalin (A 2011), Charlie Thompson (W 1994), Ben Tragett (CS 1993), Rob Wickham (A 2012)....and many other OC’s of varying vintages came to play in the “Lynxes Lash”.


We hope all those who supported the Club this summer will return next year to enjoy friendly but competitive cricket in the second week of July. Any other cricketing OCs, parents and family friends are always very welcome and anybody wishing to play should contact Gary Marshall (E mail:  Mobile: 07866 430289) or any of the match managers listed in the Fixtures section.



Jeremy Barham

Wednesday July 3 rd - Lynxes v School
Match Manager: Owen Dearn





Alfie Lloyd-Dyke           b    Wickham                              1

Hamish Cloke               ct   Manser           b Petch             6

Charlie Russell-Vick       ct   Macintyre        b Wickham           5

Doug Gordon                ct   Horsnby          b Wickham         106

Al Smallwood               b    Macintyre                            6

Joe Clark                  ct   Manser           b Dearn            30

Sam Piper                  ct&b Dearn                               25

Matt Simpson               lbw  Bertoli-Mitchell                     4

Toby Russell-Vick          ct   Bertoli-Mitchell b Macintyre         3
Jack Pavey                 ct   Hornsby          b Petch             3
Kit Ross                   not  out                                  0


Sub Total                                                          189         

Extras                                                              24         

Total                                                              213


Rob Wickham                 8   – 2 – 24 – 2

Freddie Petch               7   – 3 – 22 – 2

Hamish Macintyre            7.3 – 0 – 41 – 1

Will Huish                  4   – 0 – 29 – 1

Owen Dearn                  7   – 2 – 44 – 2

Jake Hornsby                4   – 0 – 30 - 0  

Luca Bertoli-Mitchell       3   – 0 – 13 - 2




Nick Manser                 ct   Pavey           b Lloyd-Dyke       11

Joe Schindler               ct   Simpson         b Lloyd-Dyke        0

Knox                        ct   Smallwood       b Clark            13

Hamish Macintyre            st   Simpson         b Ross             37

Will Tomalin                st   Simpson         b Ross             34

Will Huish                  ct&b Smallwood                          18

Jake Hornsby                not  out                                28

Rob Wickham                 ct   Simpson         b Smallwood         4

Freddie Petch               ct   Clark           b Smallwood         8

Luca Bertoli-Mitchell       b    Piper                               5

Owen Dearn                  ct   Cloke           b Gordon            0


Sub Total                                                          158

Extras                                                              17

Total                                                              185


Alfie Lloyd-Dyke            4   – 2 – 13 – 2

Toby Russell-Vick           5   – 0 – 30 – 1

Joe Clark                   8   – 1 – 50 – 1

Jack Pavey                  4   – 1 – 10 – 0

Kit Ross                    4   – 0 – 18 - 2

Al Smallwood                3   – 0 – 20 - 3

Charlie Russell-Vick        4   – 0 – 18 - 0  

Sam Piper                   3   – 0 -  9 – 1

Doug Gordon                 0.1 – 1 –  0 – 1


Lynxes lost by 28 runs



Tuesday July 9 th - Lynxes v Bully Boys

Match Manager: Paul Morkel


Losing the toss, the Lynxes took to the field on a warm day and a hard outfield. Ben Tragett got the home side off to a great start with controlled swing bowling to remove Bully Boys opener Walton LBW for a duck. At the other end Finn Hulbert bowled aggressively and soon number three Joe Schindler’s stumps were rearranged. Skipper Paul Morkel replaced Hulbert and took 2-23. The remaining opener batted patiently, eventually ending on 59. After some early control with the ball the runs started to become more frequent and the lightning fast outfield gave value for shots. Wickets

also fell to the returning Tragett (2-58), Will Goulstone (3-54) and Hulbert in his second spell of spin (2-46). Some late hitting from Dadds (67) and Macintrye (55) saw the Bully Boys amass a strong 275 from their 50 overs.


The Lynxes set off in confident style with Kendall Jarrett and Charlie Thompson. Jarrett (56) played fluently for his half century and had set a good platform when he was caught neatly at gully. Ollie Morkel joined Dan Slade and together the pair put on a match winning century partnership. Morkel played his shots on the way to an aggressive 80 whilst Slade was more patient. Needing around six an over from the last 10, Paul Morkel joined Slade and together they guided the Lynxes home with two overs to spare and four wickets in hand. Slade finished on a well-made 66no with Morkel 21no.


A well-engineered chase of a sizeable total gave the Lynxes the perfect end to a great day’s cricket.

Bully Boys


Peter Newman               ct   Thompson         b Tragett          59

James Walton               lbw  Tragett                              0

Joe Schindler              b    Hulbert                              4

Owen Dearn                 b    P.Morkel                            36

M. Dodd                    lbw  P.Morkel                             9

Eddie Dadds                b    Hulbert                             67

Will Huish                 ct   Jarrett          b Goulstone         6

L. Bezuidenhout            ct   O.Morkel         b Goulstone         8    

Hamish Macintyre           run  out                                 55

Tom Huish                  b    Goulstone                            5

Jack Marshall              not  out                                  0    


Sub Total                                                          249

Extras                                                              26    

Total                                                              275


Finn Hulbert               10   – 0 – 46 – 2

Ben Tragett                10   – 0 – 58 - 2 

Paul Morkel                10   – 1 – 23 – 2

Kendall Jarrett             3   – 0 – 23 - 0

Simon Anthonisz             7   – 0 – 46 – 0  
Will Goulstone              9.3 – 0 – 54 – 3




Kendall Jarrett            ct   Newman           b Dearn            56

Charlie Thompson           ct&b Bezuidenhout                        12

Gary Marshall              b    Macintyre                            4

D. Slade                   not  out                                 66

Oli Morkel                 run  out                                 80

Finn Hulbert               ct&b Schindler                            1

Ben Tragett                ct   Newman           b Schindler        10

Paul Morkel                not  out                                 21

Will Goulstone             did  not bat

Simon Anthonisz            did  not bat


Sub Total                                                          250

Extras                                                              29

Total                                                              279


Will Huish                  8   – 1 – 43 – 0

Lee Bezuidenhout            8   – 1 – 36 - 1

Hamish Macintyre           10   – 1 – 37 - 1

Owen Dearn                 10   – 1 – 63 - 1

John Marshall               1   – 0 –  7 - 0

James Walton                3   – 0 – 24 - 0

Joe Schindler               7   – 0 – 49 – 2         
Tom Huish                   1   – 0 –  8 – 0


Lynxes won by 4 wickets


Wednesday July 10 th – Lynxes v Fleet Street Exiles

Match Manager: Will Chuter


Match cancelled


Thursday July 11 th – Pink Panthers
Match Manager: Patrick Coyne

Match cancelled


Friday July 12 th – Lynxes v Gryphons

Match Manager: Max O’Collins


For a fourth successive year the Gryphons XI were welcomed to Bigside. The Seaford side came holding a 2-1 series lead. Based on Gryphons’ players being stuck in traffic, an agreement was made that the 10 man Lynxes team would field first and the game would be reduced to 45 overs per side. With it being an overcast and humid morning this didn’t seem a bad agreement from our point of view. A youthful and energetic Jack Marshall opened coming down the hill, kindly leaving a rather less youthful and less energetic seasoned professional in Simon Anthonisz to come up the hill. Both kept good lines and bowled in an economic manner limiting the Gryphons in the early stages.


The opening pair were still at the crease after 10 overs and the first bowling changes were made. Tom Denning and Clem O’Collins came on and it took a moment of class to make the break through as Denning managed to seam one away from the right hander and take out the top of off stump. It was Tom’s only wicket, but he bowled through an impressive spell of 1/40 off his 9 overs. As happens all so often in cricket, one wicket brought two, and with the Gryphons edging past 100, it was a family affair that brought about the second scalp. With Clem bowling a fuller delivery to encourage the drive, a thick edge came to older brother Max at backward point where he leisurely took the catch.


The next breakthrough came courtesy of Jack Marshall who was brought back on for a brief second spell. He got out the gritty opener who made 50. His luck ran out as he skied one to Toto Berger who never looked in doubt as he clung on. As the Gryphons passed 150, everyone started to get a bit nervous, realising that although they had only brought 8, we could be in serious danger of losing this game for a second year running. Step up Mikey Ide, with the batsmen looking for two after a leg glance, Ide launched a rocket from the boundary with one stump to aim at. Aim he did, and that was that for Gryphons’ skipper Riddell.


As a gesture of good will for that display of inspirational fielding O’Collins threw Ide the ball, only for him to show it may not really be his day. 4 overs went for 16 runs, not bad figures on the surface, however half of these were wides. At the other end O’Collins (M) had replaced Denning to bowl through until the end and picked up a fortuitous wicket bowling under the premise that if the batsmen missed he would hit. Figures of 1/42 from his 8 were perhaps a poor reflection of his nagging line and length that caused batsmen trouble with the odd edge and mistimed hoick eluding fielders. Going into the last couple the Gryphons had passed 200 and that looked like being that. There was still time for some more Mikey Ide fielding heroics, although this time the keeper took the bails off after a sharp throw by our own Jonty Rhodes. With the smell of BBQ in the air, and the sun poking it’s head through the clouds the umpire called lunch at the end of the Gryphons’ 45, after they had put on 211 for 6 – a very competitive score for a team of 8.


Fortunately for the Lynxes, a couple of their players had to leave slightly early so the majority team could enjoy a hearty lunch safe in the knowledge that they didn’t have to go out and open! The unlucky two who had one less sausage on their plates were Mikey Ide and Kit Ward. Both were going to go out and ‘have a day like Chris Gayle’. I’m not sure which Chris Gayle they were referring to as both ended up back in the pavilion with scores of 9 and 11 to their names respectively.


After the shaky start Marshall and Berger tried to consolidate. Unfortunately for Berger, his natural game is not very defence orientated, and as he wafted at one wide of off stump - a little edge was heard and it was comfortably taken by the keeper. Step up Edward Simons, who unlike Berger, is a very defence minded player. He and Marshall put on over 50 and the game was slowly swinging back in the Lynxes favour as the total was back up at 100 after twenty overs.


As the Bigside pitch started to deteriorate, Riddell looked to his spinners. This proved an inspired change as his leggy came on to bowl to Gary Marshall. After 5 balls of sharp leg spin, he pulled out the googly which spun sharply to a surprised Marshall who couldn’t get his bat in the way of it in time and was bowled for an invaluable 32. This brought to the crease Captain O’Collins (M), who looked to go after the leg spinner, hitting him for two fours. However this aggressive mindset was then carried through to the next over (which was bowled by a medium pacer) and when his eyes lit up at a short ball that stuck in the pitch an attempted pull shot took a top edge and floated its way to the keeper. Brother Clem didn’t fare much better, also scoring 11 before being stumped as he left his back foot in the air whilst trying to drive the Gryphons’ very own Shane Warne.


At the same time Ed Simons was going along nicely, playing some glorious shots off his legs as well as through the covers. He was rightly briefing every batsmen as they came in not to throw their wicket away, reminding them that if we batted out the 45 we’d find it very difficult not to make the 212 needed to win. Fresh from a 50 for his league side on the weekend out came Denning, our last hope it would seem with the two to come in (Anthonisz and Marshall (J) both being self-proclaimed number 11’s. Tom took on board Simons’ wise words, doing what all coaches say, defending the good balls and hitting the bad one. The pair put on an outstanding stand of 80, which saw Ed Simons make his first ever 50 and the Lynxes edge closer to glory.


However, there was to be one last twist, with the Lynxes needing 3 off 7 balls, Ed played a full bunger right down the throat of the man on the deep mid wicket boundary. The pair had crossed meaning Simon Anthonisz came to the crease with the team needing 3 to win off the last over. In true number 11 fashion Simon teased the opposition off the first ball, intentionally lofting a shot into no man’s land and taking a single. The field was then brought in to prevent the single and Denning hit over the top taking a four to win the game with 4 balls to spare and bring up a well worked 33 not out.


The game was played in a great manner, with friendly chat on and off the field and the Lynxes donating fielders to the Gryphons to make it a fair contest. The series is now back level at 2-2 although as clichéd as it sounds, cricket was the real winner on another thoroughly enjoyable day on Bigside.



Lewis                      ct   ?                b J.Marshall       59

Mullins                    b    Denning                             35

Stevenson                  ct   M.O’Collins      b C.O’Collins       6

Torquil                    run  out                                 71

Riddell                    run  out                                  3

Mullins                    b    M.O’Collins                          0

Dan ?                      not  out                                  7

Pink                       not  out                                  7


Sub Total                                                          188

Extras                                                              23

Total                                                              211


Jack Marshall              9   – 1 – 36 – 1

Simon Anthonisz            7   – 1 – 42 - 0

Clem O’Collins             8   – 1 – 30 – 1

T. Denning                 9   – 2 – 40 - 1

M. Ide                     4   – 0 – 16 – 0

Max O’Collins              8   – 0 – 42 – 1




K. Ward                    ct&b Pink                                11

M. Ide                     b    Pink                                 9

Gary Marshall              b    Lewis                               32

Toto Berger                ct&b ?                                   13

Ed Simons                  ct&b Riddell                             66

Max O’Collins              ct   ?                b ?                11

Clem O’Collins             st   ?                b Lewis            11

T.Denning                  not  out                                 33

Simon Anthonisz            not  out                                  1

Jack Marshall              did  not bat


Sub Total                                                          187

Extras                                                              27

Total                                                              214


Pink                       9   – 0 – 37 – 2

Stevenson                  9   – 3 – 32 – 2

?                          9   – 0 – 38 – 2

Lewis                      9   – 0 – 44 – 2

?                          6.4 – 0 - 46 - 0   

Mullins                    2   – 0 - 11 – 0

Riddell                    2   – 1 – 13 - 1


Lynxes won by 2 wickets

Saturday July 13 th – Lynxes v Old Georgians
Match Manager: Jeremy Lawson


Old Georgians


Johnic                     ct   Lawson           b Dearn            53

Crow                       ct   Schindler        b Dearn            42

Burgess                    ct&b Dearn                                7

Beckett                    ct   Schindler        b G.Marshall       31

Creber                     ct   Simpson          b G.Marshall       16

Hardman                    ct&b Barron                              14

Clarke                     ct   J.Marshall       b Schindler        10

Ng                         st   Simpson          b Barron            6

Aspinall                   not  out                                 26

Henry                      st   Simpson          b J.Marshall        9


Sub Total                                                          214

Extras                                                              24

Total                                                              238


Joe Schindler              9   – 1 – 30 – 1

Ashraf Adil                5   – 0 – 35 – 0

Owen Dearn                 9   – 3 – 44 - 3             
Jack Marshall              8.3 – 0 – 48 – 1
Gary Marshall              5   – 0 – 18 – 2           
James Barron               7   – 0 – 46 – 2




Nick Manser                b    Aspinall                           107

Matt Simpson               b    Aspinall                            86

Jeff Jowers                ct&b Aspinall                             8

James Barron               not  out                                 23

Jez Lawson                 not  out                                  6

Gary Marshall              did  not bat

Owen Dearn                 did  not bat

Joe Schindler              did  not bat

Ashraf Adil                did  not bat

Jack Marshall              did  not bat


Sub Total                                                          230

Extras                                                              12

Tot                                                                242


Henry                      6   – 1 – 27 – 0

Hardman                    4   – 0 – 31 – 0

Burgess                    9   – 0 – 60 – 0

Crow                       3   – 0 – 19 – 0             
Clark                      4   – 0 - 26 - 0   
Creber                     5   – 0 - 23 – 0         
Aspinall                   7.2 – 1 – 26 - 3                       


Lynxes won by 6 wickets