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Once again Lynxes cricket began before the end of the School’s summer term. On Sunday, July 1 st the School easily defeated a relatively weak O.C. team. It is hoped that next year young O.Cs who are playing cricket regularly will return to play against the school. The week proper began on the following Sunday and, in spite of the rain threatening play most of the time, Steven Hooper ensured that Bigside was in playable condition every day until even he was defeated on the last Sunday when the specially arranged game against the Old Cranbrookians (Sydney) had to be called off. Inevitably the wickets were slow. The catering was excellent, thanks to Graeme Edmonds and his staff and,,through the hard work of Gary Marshall, the Lynxes Chairman, all players were able to enjoy drinks from the pavilion during and after the games.  

Including the match against the school six matches were played (all with limited overs format) – sadly without a home win although perhaps on two occasions the Lynxes were guilty of “snatching defeat from the jaws of victory”. The game against the Scorpions had to be abandoned just after the Lynxes started to bat (chasing 220).We were well beaten by the Bully Boys (but only because Cranbrookians, Sam Stibbs and Joe Schindler, scored 111 not out and 64 respectively against us). The losses against the Fleet Street Exiles and our new Opponents, The Pink Panthers, were very marginal and the match against The Gryphons, although also lost, was again quite closely fought. At a most enjoyable “Curry Night”, Patrick, son of the late David Winterbottom (C 1959), presented Gary Marshall with the Bowling Cup.  The Andrew Bond Cup for batting was won by Finn Hulbert (School).

Raising teams was not easy although nearly 40 Cranbrookians agreed to play during the week, including many capable School players. These were:

Asraf Adil (School), James Barron (CR 1991), Luca Bertoli-Mitchell (School), Olli Blaydon (CS 1996), Theo Chapman (2007), Will Chuter (W 1996), Hamish Cloke (School), Max O’Collins (W 2009), Patrick Coyne (2009), Alistair Cutler (2009), Owen Dearn (School), John Furminger (Staff), George Gibbons (School), Doug Gordon (2011), Will Huish (W 2011), Finn Hulbert (School), Ollie Jamieson (2009), Jeff Jowers (C 1987), Jeremy Lawson (A 1990),  Alfie Lloyd-Dyke (School), Laurie March (H 2009), Gary Marshall (H 1977), Sam Martin (1995), Tom McKenzie (2007), Paul Morkel (A 2004), Toby Mullins (R 1979), Peter Newman (A 1973), Jeremy Philpot (A 1976), Nick Pink (C 1995), N.Powell (School), O. Powell (School), Fraser Rodgers (School), Joe Schindler (School), Matt Simpson (School), Sam Stibbs (School), Ben Tragett (CS 1993), Rob Wickham (School).

We hope all those who supported the Club in our 65 th year enjoyed their cricket which, as usual, was played in a friendly, but competitive manner, and that they will return next year. Any other cricketing OCs are always very welcome. The 2013 game against the School will be played on Sunday June 30th and the other games on July 7th and July 9th to12th inclusive. 

Jeremy Barham


Key points from the Lynxes AGM and review of the 2012 Week

Bigside The wicket was reported to have been performing well during the school season, although some low balls occur at the “Windmill Pub” end. Steven Hooper, the groundsman, has indicated that he would like to carry out some deep hollow tining. The Lynxes might consider making a contribution to the cost.

Raising Teams The web-based “Teamer” system for building up teams had not been used and probably would not be tried in future due to costs. Raising teams for all matches had been difficult. Match Managers are to be encouraged to make personal approaches to potential players as early as possible.

Lynxes Funds Current funds are at a satisfactory level and the week ran at a profit. Current school players continued to play without having to pay match fees and concessions were also granted to full time students.

Fixtures 2013 Subject to any issues arising this year the same Match Managers would be asked to run games in 2013. The School’s Summer Term in 2013 will end on Wednesday July 10th.

Database and Communications Parts of the database are still inaccurate due to the usual problem of O.C.s failing to notify changes in their contact information 

The website, the open facebook group Lynxes Cricket Week and the OCA website give further information

about Lynxes activities.

The School’s emerging Alumni Database will be used to promote the Lynxes to all OC’s and to others with links to the school (eg. parents of Cranbrookians, husbands / partners of female OCs). 

Officers of the Club  

President                  Jeremy Barham

Chairman                 Gary Marshall

Treasurer                 Charles Thompson 

Match Secretary        Tom Allen

Committee               Will Chuter

 Patrick Coyne

 Jeremy Lawson

 Oliver Morkel

 Paul Morkel

 Nick Pink  


Sunday July 1st - Lynxes v School

Match Manager: Gary Marshall 

The match for the Wybourn Trophy was played over 40 overs. The School won the toss and decided to bat. Patrick Coyne struck an early blow having Gordon very well court by Theo Chapman at gully. This saw the very talented Finn Hulbert come to the wicket and he and Joe Clark set about the Lynxes bowling adding over a hundred runs. Hulbert and Clark both fell to Gary Marshall but the runs still flowed as Hamish Cloke and Ali Bond piled on more runs and the school finished on a very good 255-6.

The Lynxes reply faltered early with the dismissal of both Richard Smith and Will Huish by Asraf Adil and from then on it looked an unlikely win for the Lynxes. Despite a fine 49 by Patrick Coyne the Lynxes were never up with the run rate and finished with a score of 144-8. 

The school deserved their victory and their all-round performance showed the benefit of playing and practicing regularly. The absence of recent leavers who could play against the school was disappointing. It is hoped that more will come back and play next year.


Doug Gordon              ct Chapman b. Coyne              1

Jo Clark                 ct Cutler b. G.Marshall         53

Finn Hulbert             lbw G.Marshall                  89

Hamish Cloke             run out                         40

Ali Bond                 ct Chapman b. Coyne             28

Alfie Lloyd-Dyke         ct Coyne b J. Marshall           9

Matt Simpson             not out                          2

Anthony Christopherson   )

Josh Humphreys           )   did not bat

J Cloke                  )      

Sub Total                                               222        

Extras                                                   33        

Total   (for 5 wickets)                                 255


Alistair Cutler         8 – 0 – 54 – 0

Patrick Coyne           8 – 0 – 40 – 2

Jack Marshall           7 – 0 – 29 – 1

Max O’Collins           7 – 0 – 47 – 0

Gary Marshall           7 – 0 – 31 – 0

Laurie March            3 – 0 – 25 - 0  


Richard Smith           bowled Adil                       0

Will Huish              bowled Adil                      18

Laurie March            lbw Christopherson               21

Patrick Coyne           ct Clarke b. Humphrey            49

E. Simons               bowled Cloke                      0

Gary Marshall           not out                          24

Theo Chapman            bowled Humphrey                   2

Max O’Collins           bowled J.Cloke                   12

Jack Marshall           c and b J Cloke                   4

Alastair Cutler         not out                           0

Sub Total                                               130

Extras                                                   14       

Total                                                   144


Ashraf Adil             7 – 2 – 24 – 2

O Clarke                5 – 0 – 18 – 0

Hamish Cloke            4 – 1 – 23 – 1

Anthony Christopherson  6 – 0 – 19 - 1  

Doug Gordon             4 – 0 – 12 – 0

Finn Hulbert            3 – 1 -  6 – 0

Josh Humphreys          3 – 1 – 14 - 1

Alfie Lloyd –Dyke       3 – 0 – 12 - 0

Joe Cloke               2 – 0 –  2 – 2

Oli Bond                1 – 0 –  9 – 0

Lynxes lost by 111 runs


Sunday July 8th - Lynxes v Scorpions

Match Manager: Gary Marshall 

With the weather looking dodgy we decided to play 40 overs each. The Scorpions won the toss and elected to bat.

Jack Marshall opened the bowling and had success in his first spell taking the wicket of Fyffe caught behind. The Scorpions then scored at a healthy pace with the top batsmen all adding runs. G Marshall took the opener Ollennu (c & b) and then Joe Banks, a 15 year old spinner, took 2 wickets to slow the Scorpions’ progress.

James Barron took 2 wickets with his steady seam bowling and Jack Marshall bowled the former Zimbabwe cricketer, Andy Whittal, who is his Master in charge of cricket at Tonbridge School. The Scorpions ended with a creditable 219 all out from their 40 overs.

The Lynxes started with 9 runs from the first over when the heavens opened and brought an abrupt end to the match and an earlier then expected visit to the George.


R.Ollenu                c and b G Marshall               43

A.Fyffe                 ct Banks b. J.Marshall            5

S.Garratt               st. Mullins b. Banks             34

A.Waller                bowled Banks                     52

N.Donald                ct. Furminger b. G.Marshall      33

G.Robinson              bowled Barron                     0

P.Addo                  bowled Barron                     0

A.Whittall              bowled J.Marshall                19       

T.Marriott              not out                          11

M.Waldridge             bowled G.Marshall                 3

P.Butler                run out                           0

Sub Total                                               200

Extras                                                   19 

Total                                                   219       


J. Marshall             8 – 1 – 27 – 2

T.Mullins               8 – 0 – 49 – 0

G.Marshall              7.4 – 0 – 54 – 3

J.Banks                 8 – 1 – 33 – 2

J.Barron                8 – 1 – 40 – 2



J.Furminger             not out                           0

J.Barron                not out                           6







Sub Total                                                 6

Extras                                                    3

Total                                                     9       

Match abandoned (rain)

Tuesday July 10th - Lynxes v Bully Boys

Match Manager: Paul Morkel

Wet weather greeted the players at the start of this match, with a delayed start time resulting in a reduced overs game to 35 per side. Upon winning the toss, Lynxes opted to make the most of the conditions and bowled first, with early success after Finn Hulbert removed opener Betts for just 3 runs. However, this brought Joe Schindler to the crease and he and Sam Stibbs, as a school pair, accumulated runs at a quick rate. Both moved past their half centuries with a number of dropped catches proving very costly to the Lynxes. Once Schindler was run out two more wickets fell more cheaply, Ashraf Adil taking both. Stibbs continued in attacking fashion and made the most of his luck by reaching his century. One other wicket fell at the end of the innings with Bully Boys closing on a very strong score of 238-5 from their 35 overs.

The Lynxes reply did not go to plan as they lost both openers for single figures and stalwart Gary Marshall for just 1 run, probably as a result of his spending the first innings with wicket-keeping pads on. Finn Hulbert, in contrast, dominated the visiting bowling and cruised to his half century before one reverse sweep too many proved his downfall for a fluent 65. After his departure little resistance was offered from the home side apart from a stylish 25 from Will Chuter. Once he had gone, it was all but over for Lynxes who were finally bowled out 98 runs short inside 30 overs with the total on 140.

Bully Boys

Sam Stibbs              not out                         111

Hugh Betts              ct G Marshall b. Hulbert          3

Joe Schindler           run out                          64

Adrian Betts            lbw Adil                          1

Fred Smith              ct Rodgers b. Adil                2

Ben Collins             bowled P. Morkel                 12

Nick Holmes             not out                          23

Laurie March            )

Owen Dearn              )       did not bat

Lee Bez                 )

John Marshall           )

Sub Total                                               216

Extras                                                   22     

Total   (for 5 wickets)                                 238


Finn Hulbert            7 – 0 – 25 – 1

Will Chuter             2 – 0 – 19 – 0

O Powell                7 – 0 – 46 – 0

Ashraf Adil             7 – 0 – 43 – 2

Luca Bertoli-Mitchell   2 – 0 – 17 – 0

Paul Morkel             6 – 0 – 35 – 1

George Gibbons          2 – 0 – 16 – 0

Jack Marshall           2 – 0 – 15 – 0


Fraser Rodgers          st Stibbs b. Marshall             2

Luca Bertoli-Mitchell   ct Collins b. Betts               4

Finn Hulbert            ct Schindler b. Holmes           65

Gary Marshall           ct Dearn b. Bez                   1

Paul Morkel             lbw Dearn                        11

N.Powell                bowled Dearn                      1

Ashraf Adil             bowled Holmes                     3

Will Chuter             bowled Betts                     25     

George Gibbons          bowled Holmes                     4

O Powell                ct F.Smith b. March               7

Jack Marshall           not out                           1 

Sub Total                                               124

Extras                                                   16

Total                                                   140


John Marshall           2 – 0 – 15 – 1

Lee Bez                 6 – 0 – 43 - 1

Hugh Betts              5 – 1 – 13 - 2

Owen Dearn              7 – 0 – 28 - 2

Nick Holmes             7 – 0 – 35 - 3

Laurie March            1.3 – 0 – 3 - 1


Lynxes lost by 79 runs


Wednesday July 11th – Lynxes v Fleet Street Exiles

Match Manager: Will Chuter



Peter Newman            ct ?  b. Barry                   15

T.Membury               ct. ? b. Murphy                   4

Finn Hulbert            lbw Gale                         46

Hamish Cloke            bowled Kavenagh                  27

Gary Marshall           ct ? b. Barry                     0

P.Martin                bowled Kavenagh                   5

C.Membury               ct ? b. Kavenagh                  7

Ashraf Adil             ct ? b. ?                         9

Will Chuter             ct ? b. ?                         4

Olli Blaydon            run out                           0

Matt Simpson            not out                           3

Sub Total                                               120       

Extras                                                   25

Total                                                   145

Murphy                  6 – 2 – 18 – 1

Dowdes                  5 – 2 – 20 – 0

Gale                    6 – 0 - 20 - 1             

Barry                   7 – 0 – 28 – 2

Kavenagh                6 – 0 – 24 – 4

Luff                    4.4 – 1 – 14 – 1


Fleet Street Exiles

D. Croynale             lbw Hulbert                      33

T.Hanbridge             c and b G. Marshall              44

D.Evans                 bowled Hulbert                    0

A.Preston               ct Cloke b. Adil                  2

H.Luff                  bowled Hulbert                   19

Kavenagh                bowled  G.Marshall               27

N.Buckland              lbw G.Marshall                    0

S.Gale                  not out                          11

R.Dowdes                c and b G.Marshall                0

A.Murphy                not out                           3

Barry                   did not bat 

Sub Total                                               139       

Extras                                                    8

Total                                                   147


T.Membury               6 – 0 – 30 – 0

Finn Hulbert            7 – 1 – 24 - 3

Olli Blaydon            3 – 0 – 30 – 0

Ashraf Adil             2 – 0 – 10 - 1

Hamish Cloke            5 – 1 – 30 - 0

Gary Marshall           6 – 0 – 22 – 4


Lynxes lost by 2 wickets


Thursday July 12th – Pink Panthers

Match Manager: Patrick Coyne

In a closely fought match the Lynxes were mauled by the Pink Panthers in a thrilling run chase that came to a rather abrupt end. After losing the toss, the Lynxes were first in the field and decided to be bold with an unheard of attacking field consisting of 2 slips, a gully, leg slip, short leg and silly mid-off. However, the tactic appeared to pay off.

Huish, who also had his trademark sweeper at deep square leg, tore through the opposition top order with a series of hooping deliveries, which cartwheeled the off stump – and resulted in a succession of Pink Panther top order batsmen traipsing off the field with the scoreboard untroubled.

Lunshoff, a ringer brought in at the last minute, was bowling equally as menacingly without the wicket taking rewards he so dearly deserved. Nevertheless his sharp, accurate bowling was helping to ensure the Panthers were always under pressure.

Cloke was next in to the attack and kept up the pressure, which finally told as the Panthers endeavoured to give a wicket away with a hapless run out. There was momentary respite for the Panthers when some rather more friendly bowling came on from the old Windmill Pub end, as the Captain brought himself on to bowl at what he thought was a shaky middle order. This turned out not to be the case – and after seeing the ball sail over his head twice – a crafty ball by Coyne, someway down the leg side, managed to buy the wicket of the dangerous Donavan. The Panthers tail wagged and they reached a total of 90; a target the Lynxes were hopeful of reaching.

Alas, the Lynxes innings got off to the worst start possible with Newman being given out LBW from the first ball of the innings, despite the fact that there was a suspiciously wooden sound to his pad. From then on the innings did not get any better with batsman after batsman failing to cope with the accurate, military medium left arm over bowling of Donovan. There was a glimmer of hope when the free hitting Lunshoff was swishing away and Marshall was at his obturate best at the crease, with his stubborn innings dragging the Lynxes back to within clawing distance of victory. Unfortunately with one wicket left, our number 11 batsmen, Owen Dearn, had other ideas and promptly ran down the wicked  and was stumped for zero leaving the Lynxes 13 runs short. All in all a good day, but it was a shame the Lynxes managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory once again.


Pink Panthers

Ben Cajee               bowled Cloke                      9

Richie Hastie           bowled Huish                      0

Pete Copplestone        bowled Huish                      0

Rob Hennly              bowled Huish                      0

Danny                   run out (Coyne)                   6

Donavan                 ct Bert-Mitchell b Coyne         14        

Nick Pink               ct G. Marshall b Dearn            6

Luke                    bowled G.Marshall                 1

Andy Sellins            ct G.Marshall b. Lunshof         41        

Tim Hurst               bowled Lunhof                     6

Andy DW                 did not bat                             

Sub Total                                                83         

Extras                                                    7

Total                                                    90


J Lunshoff              7 – 2 – 16 – 2

Will Huish              6 – 2 – 10 – 3

Hamish Cloke            7 – 1 – 12 – 1

Patrick Coyne           4 – 2 – 13 - 1

Gary Marshall           4 – 1 – 10 - 1

Owen Dearn              6 – 3 – 25 – 1



Peter Newman            lbw Miller                        0

Sam Martin              bowled Copplestone                5

Hamish Cloke            bowled Copplestone                5

Luca Bertoli-Mitchell   ct ? bowled Miller                0

Patrick Coyne           lbw Copplestone                  11

Matt Simpson            bowled Copplestone                3

Theo Chapman            bowled Miller                     2

Gary Marshall           not out                          17

Will Huish              ct ? bowled Baker                 0

J Lunshoff              ct ? b. Andy DW                  21

Owen Dearn              st ? b. Baker                     0

Sub Total                                                64

Extras                                                   13 

Total                                                    77


Miller                  6 – 3 –  6 – 3

Pete Copplestone        6 – 1 – 21 – 3

Danny                   3 – 0 – 14 - 0

Baker                   6 – 1 – 15 – 2

Andy DW                 3 – 0 – 19 - 1


Lynxes lost by 13 runs


Friday July 15th – Lynxes v Gryphons

Match Manager: Jeremy Lawson

Lynxes welcomed the Gryphons for the third consecutive year and the team from Seaford must have felt at home as the wet outfield resembled something more akin to the East Sussex coast than the Weald of Kent. With the run-ups looking particularly soggy, the umpires consulted their Health & Safety manuals and a decision was taken to delay the start until 1:30pm. The good news was that the BBQ would be brought forward by 3 hours to 12:30; the bad news was that the toss would take on an increased significance. 

Gryphons’ skipper Toby Mullins called correctly and Lynxes took to the field with a typical post-prandial sluggishness bordering on reluctance. The bowling and fielding performance was therefore all the more impressive as Ben Tragett set the tone with two laser-accurate maidens. The left-armer removed young Hemingway for a duck and then bowled Riddle and was clearly enjoying both overhead and pitch conditions, which were not easy for batting. Ben finished with 2 for 11 off 7 superb overs. 

In fact, all the bowlers chipped in, with Max O’Collins supporting Ben ably from the bottom end of Big Side. When he also bowled Duddy for nought, the Gryphons were reeling at 16 for 3. Then came the best stand of the match between Bowden and Deakon, the former neat and tidy and the latter big and bold. Hamish Cloke removed Bowden, allowing Owen Dearn to target their late-middle order. “Ozone” finished with 2 for 14 including an important caught and bowled off dangerous hitter Joseph. 

Al Cutler was getting some tap from Deakon, but a change of ends saw him gain his revenge via a decent catch by Lawson at long-off. Then came a rather bizarre moment in the match: Joe Schindler came into the attack and caught Langmead off his own bowling, which brought Smedley to the crease. Joe’s first ball seemed like a fairly innocuous full-toss, but it hit Smedley’s gloves and he walked off after one delivery citing a dislocated digit.

Schinds mopped up Mullins and the Gryphons innings closed on 118 with Smedley still on the boundary edge. The wicket was certainly not easy and this was highlighted in the fact that “Extras” was second top scorer with 30 in spite of Simmo’s tidy glovework.

With the outfield as slow as it was, 119 represented a target nearer to 150 or 160 in normal circumstances, so the Lynxes knew they would have to bat well to register their first win of the week. That said, the sun and breeze were drying the outfield gradually and it was a miracle that we were playing cricket at all. Much kudos must go to Steve and his ground staff for getting the game on.

Nick Pink was due to open but he kindly nipped out to buy some milk and missed the start of the innings. Cream may rise to the top, but Nick was demoted to number 3.  Jeff Jowers and Schindler opened up and both went cheaply to an impressive new-ball attack. However, a solid stand between Pinky and ‘Mish looked to have laid the foundation for victory.

Smedley then made an incredible recovery to come on and bowl with his injured hand and he soon dismissed Cloke for 23. With Pink and O’Collins steadying the ship anew, Toby Mullins brought back Joseph as a last roll of the dice. It proved to be a perfectly-timed decision, with DJ mixing it up and bowling Pink for a defiant 22.

Gary Marshall was due to leave at 6pm to play squash in preparation for his Masters World Cup challenge and skipper Lawson made a fatal error in not promoting him up the order when Cloke was out third. In truth, we should have had enough batting with only 36 required and 6 wickets remaining.

As it was, Lynxes collapsed in spectacular fashion, reminiscent of England in the dark days of the 1990s. Even though we batted all the way down to Tragett at 11, a succession of single-digit scores meant that Lynxes lost by 25 runs and, with it, their best chance of securing a win during the week.

That said, it was another hugely enjoyable game and we have now had three successful fixtures against the Gryphons, with the visitors deservedly leading 2-1 in the series.


Hemingway               bowled Tragett                    0

Bowden                  bowled Cloke                     20

Riddle                  bowled Tragett                    4

Duddy                   bowled O’Collins                  0

Deakon                  ct J. Lawson b. Cutler           49

Paxton                  ct O’Collins b.Dearn              9

D.J.                    c and b. Dearn                    0

Langmead                c and b. Schindler                4

Smedley                 retired hurt                      0

Stevenson               not out                           1

Toby Mullins            bowled Schindler                  2       

Sub Total                                                88

Extras                                                   30

Total                                                   118


Ben Tragett             7 – 4 – 11 – 2

Max O’Collins           7 – 0 – 19 – 1

Hamish Cloke            4 – 0 – 10 – 1

Owen Dearn              7 – 2 – 14 - 2

Alastair Cutler         7 – 1 – 33 – 1

Joe Schindler           1.4 – 0 – 4 – 2



Joe Schindler           bowled Joseph                     5

Jeff Jowers             lbw Stevenson                     0

Nick Pink               bowled Joseph                    22

Hamish Cloke            bowled Smedley                   23        

Max O’Collins           bowled Joseph                    12

Alistair Cutler         lbw Smedley                       1                    

Gary Marshall           absent

Jeremy Lawson           ct Mullins b. Duddy               5

Matt Simpson            run out                           0

Owen Dearn              not out                           1

Ben Tragett             ct Mullins b. Paxton              4

Sub Total                                                73

Extras                                                   20

Total                                                    93


Joseph                  7 – 1 – 14 – 3

Stevenson               7 – 4 –  4 – 1

Hemingway               7 – 1 – 29 – 0

Smedley                 7 – 3 – 23 – 2

Paxton                  2 – 0 - 10 - 1   

Duddy                   1 – 1 -  0 – 0                  

Lynxes lost by 25 runs