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Once again Lynxes cricket began before the end of the School’s summer term. On July 3 rd the School easily defeated a weak O.C. team. It is hoped that next year young O.C. cricketers will return to play against the School. The week proper began on the following Sunday and good weather allowed all five games to be completed and enjoyed. 

Steven Hooper ensured that Bigside was in great condition although the wicket still provides the occasional “low one” and the side batting second can be at a disadvantage. The catering was excellent, thanks to Graeme Edmonds and his staff and through the hard work of Gary Marshall, the Lynxes Chairman, all players were able to enjoy a good range of liquid refreshments during and after the games. 

Including the match against the school a total of six matches were played (all with limited overs format) with wins against the Scorpions (only our 8 th in 41 contests), the Bully Boys. We were well beaten by the Fleet Street Exiles but the losses against the Kensington and Chelsea Strays and The Gryphons were very marginal – only by 12 runs and in the last over respectively. Gary Marshall was once again awarded the Andrew Bond Cup for his 192 runs in the week and Max O’Collins won the David Winterbottom Cup for taking 5 wickets in his two games.

The most pleasing point was the number of Cranbrookians who agreed to play during the week, nearly forty in total including seven current School players. These were:

Fraser Andrews (School), Simon Anthonisz (R 1970), James Barron (CR 1991), Hal Bedford-Cooper (A 2010), Bertie Berger (R 2010), Oli Blaydon (CS 1996), Will Chuter (W 1996), Hamish Cloke (School), Max O’Collins (W 2009), Patrick Coyne (2009), Tom Cullen (W 2004), Alistair Cutler (2009), Mike Daley (2007), Adam Fullwood (A 2004), George Gibbons (School), Ben Gibbs (R 2099), Doug Gordon (School), Will Goulstone (2005), Finn Hulbert (School), Richard Iveson (2008), Ollie Jamieson (2009), Jeff Jowers (C 1987), Jeremy Lawson (A 1990),  Alfie Lloyd-Dyke (School), Nick Manser (R 2010), Laurie March (H 2009), Gary Marshall (H 1977), Oliver Morkel (A 2005), Paul Morkel (A 2004), Toby Mullins (R 1979), Peter Newman (A 1973), Max O’Collins (W 2009), Jeremy Philpot (A 1976), Nick Pink (C 1995), Ollie Reynolds (H 2004), Joe Schindler (School), Ben Stone (2009), Stuart Underwood (C 2009)       

We hope all those who supported the Club this summer enjoyed their cricket which, as usual, was played in a friendly but competitive manner, and that they will return next year.

The 2012 game against the School will be played on Sunday July 1 st and the other games on July 8 th and July 10 th – 13 th inclusive. See "Fixtures", the open facebook group Lynxes Cricket Week and the OCA website for further information.

Jeremy Barham

Key points from the Lynxes AGM and review of the 2011 Week

Bigside - further remedial work on the square (reseeding) had been carried out last autumn but it does seem to have been entirely successful. Although not dangerous, the wickets still do not provide consistency of bounce.  

School Links - the OCA website has been much improved and coverage of the Lynxes cricket is good. The club is now required to have a two Temporary Event Notices to cover the sale of alcohol during the week. More effort will be made to encourage recent leavers to play in the match against the School next year. 

Lynxes Cups – Gary Marshall was once again awarded the Andrew Bond Cup for his 158 runs in the week and Max O’Collins won the David Winterbottom Cup for taking 5 wickets in his two games.

Lynxes funds - current funds are at a satisfactory level and the week ran at a profit. Current school players continued to play without having to pay match fees and concessions were also granted to full time students.

Fixtures 2012 - Will Chuter has announced the last visit of the Kensington and Chelsea Strays. Nick Pink has volunteered to bring a substitute team next year. The School Term will end on Wednesday July 11 th., 2012. All matches (apart from the Scorpions) will be played on 50 overs per side basis with one break for a BBQ lunch.

Database and communications - the database suffered from the usual problem of O.C.s failing to notify changes in their contact information. Communications to potential players have been made through Newsletters, the club’s website and the open Facebook group Lynxes Cricket Week. 

Nigel Wheeler, on behalf of The Scorpions, presented the Lynxes with a magnificent clock.

Next year will be the 65 th Anniversary of the Club.

Officers of the Club - the following have agreed to act as officers of the Club in 2012.

President              Jeremy Barham

Chairman               Gary Marshall

Treasurer              Charles Thompson

Match Secretary        Tom Allen

Committee              Will Chuter

                       Jeremy Lawson

                       Oliver Morkel

                       Paul Morkel

                       Nick Pink 

Patrick Coyne has also been invited to join the Committee.

Miles Richards has been elected a Vice President.

Sunday July 3 rd - Lynxes v School (45 overs per side)

Match Manager: Gary Marshall

The Wybourn cup was won again this year by the School but sadly for the first time without the presence of H J Wybourn.

The Lynxes were hit by the late withdrawal of their strike bowler Ben Dance and so it was a weakened attack that struggled through the afternoon as the School reached a decent total of 217. This was due to solid and careful batting that later flourished on a slow track with uneven bounce. Only Stu Underwood ever looked threatening and he finished with a well deserved 3-35. George Gibbons from the school put in a good bowling performance and went on to play further games during the week. Steady batting from S Stibbs, J Schindler, J Mintz, D Gordon and R Wickham made the school score possible.

The Lynxes reply got off to a bad start as Ben Gibbs made the fatal mistake of trying to pull a short ball only to fall leg before to a ball that kept low. Jez Lawson and Gary Marshall tried to repair the damage and were building a good partnership when Marshall was run out. The innings never recovered and the Lynxes fell well short of the required total on 98 all out.

So the Lynxes will be looking for a younger side to take on the school next year and thanks to Alex Presnell for encouraging the leavers to come back and face their colleagues in future years.


Fraser Andrews         ct ?               Underwood          5

Sam Stibbs             bowled             Underwood         29

Joseph Schindler       run out                              21

Alfie Lloyd-Dyke       ct Marshall (G)    Hooper            17

Jack Mintz             bowled             Gibbons           43                   

Douglas Gordon         run out                              24

Rob Wickham            Bowled             Underwood         39

Will Huish             ct Lawson (J)      Marshall (G)       0

Ollie Bond             st Gibbs (Ben)     Marshall (G)       4                   

Luca Bertoli-Mitchell  run out                               1                   

Owen Dearn             did not bat

Extras                                                      34

Total                                                217 for 9

Stuart Underwood      12-1-35-3

George Gibbons        10-1-33-1

Toby Mullins           7–1-34-0

Tim Moore              2–0- 8-0

Gary Marshall        8.5–0–39-3

Jeremy Lawson          4–0–34-0

Stephen Hooper         2–0-22-1



Ben Gibbs              ct                 Dearn             3

Jeremy Lawson          bowled             Bertoli-Mitchell 34

Tim Moore              lbw                Dearn             0

Robin Crispin          bowled             Dearn             0

Gary Marshall          run out                             34

Ryan Macdonald         bowled             Bond              1

Toby Mullins           bowled             Bond             11

Stuart Underwood       ct                 Bond              4

Stephen Hooper         bowled             Bertoli-Mitchell  0

George Gibbons         not out                              2       

Extras                                                      9 

Total                                                      98


Rob Wickham            7–2–12-0             

Owen Dearn             7–1–19–3

Will Huish             4–0–32-0

Douglas Gordon         5–0–20–0

Ollie Bond             8–0– 8-3

Luca Bertoli-Mitchell 1.2–1–0–2

Lynxes lost by 119 runs


Sunday July 10 th - Lynxes v Scorpions

Match Manager: Gary Marshall

This year saw a rare win for the Lynxes against the Scorps in what turned out to be a very good and tight game of cricket played with 45 overs for each team. 

Nick Manser and Mark Dodds opened the innings and got the team off to a real flier putting 50 on the board very quickly. Manser fell for 35 and Dodds for 13. Fraser Andrew and Dougie Gordon continued the good work as they made 34 and 36 respectively. Toby Mullins hit a typically belligerent 31 to round off the innings so that the Lynxes finished with a useful but slightly under par score of 190.

But with the slow and uneven wicket there was always a chance as long as the bowling was good. Both Hal Bedford-Cooper and George Gibbons bowled well and the former removed the dangerous Iqbal who scored 58.

Then Dougie Gordon bowled an exceptional spell of off spin bowling taking 2-21 from 9 overs and from this point on the Scorps were always chasing the game. Despite a valiant effort they finished 6 runs short. 


Nick Manser             ct & bowled       Imran           35

Mark Dodds              ct ?              Bogdanovski     13

Fraser Andrew           bowled            Witten          34

Nick Pink               bowled            Bogdanovski      1

Alfie Lloyd-Dyke        bowled            Bogdanovski      4

Doug Gordon             bowled            Butler          36

Gary Marshall           lbw               Bogdanovski      0

Jeremy Philpot          ct ?              Bogdanovski      2

Toby Mullins            ct Fyfe           Beer            31

Hal Bedford-Cooper      lbw               Beer             0

George Gibbons          not out                            6

Extras                                                    28

Total                                                    190

Dawson                  3–0–29–0

Ollennu                 4–0–21-0

Imran Iqbal             3–0–17–1

Bogdanovski             9–2–23–5

Whitton                 9–3–21–1

Beer                    9–1–41–1

Butler                  7–2–27-2


Dawson                  ct Philpot         Gibbons        14

Wood                    ct Marshall (G)    Bedford-Cooper  6

Imran Iqbal             bowled             Bedford-Cooper 58

Bogdanovski             stumped Andrew     Gordon          0

Ollennu                 bowled             Mullins(T)     31

Lummins                 ct ?               Gordon          0

Whitton                 stumped Andrew     Marshall(G)    27

Wheeler                 not out                           16

Fyffe                   stumped            Marshall (G)   14

Butler                  not out                            0 

Extras                                                    18 

Total                                              184 for 9


Hal Bedford-Cooper      9–0–32–2

George Gibbons          9–0–48–1

Doug Gordon             9–1–21–2

Alfie Lloyd-Dyke        4–1–11–0

Gary Marshall           9–1–40-2

Toby Mullins            5–0–23-1                       

Lynxes won by 6 runs

Tuesday July 12 th - Lynxes v Bully Boys

Match Managers: Oliver and Paul Morkel

Lynxes won the toss and decided to bat first against the Bully Boys, looking to avenge the previous year’s defeat. An early wicket for the visitors did not put the Lynxes off with Ollie Morkel dealing in boundaries to produce a quick start. Joined by Gary Marshall a strong partnership was formed with positive running between the wickets, and the score increased quickly. When Morkel fell for 32, Iwan Shotten (a late replacement) accompanied Marshall and continued the rate, adding a well made 48. With useful contributions at the end from Oli Reynolds and Alex Shotten a daunting total was made on a tricky pitch, Marshall top scoring with a fine 86. The innings closed on 246/9. 

The Bully Boys reply suffered a faltering start, possibly as a result of too much Pimms at lunch. A wicket in the first over followed by a run out in the third started a top-order collapse. OC Laurie March decided to rebuild the innings and only received notable support from his skipper, John Marshall as wickets fell at regular intervals. Their partnership was a thorn in the Lynxes side for some time until skipper Paul Morkel (4-24) returned to remove both players, the Lynxes easing to victory by 83 runs.


Oliver Morkel           bowled               Bezuidenhout  32

Will Goulstone          lbw                  Coyne          2

Gary Marshall           ct Bezuidenhout      March         86

Adam Fullwood           ct ?                 Fagg           4

Iwan Shotten            lbw                  Coyne         48

Ollie Reynolds          bowled               Sorensen      14

Paul Morkel             ct Fagg              Thomas         0

Alex Shotton            bowled               Bezuidenhout  14

Simon Anthonisz         not out                             8

George Gibbons          ct Coyne             Metcalf(P)     5

Extras                                                     33

Total                                               246 for 9


L Bezuidenhout          10–1–37–2

Paul Coyne              10–0–47-2

John Marshall            3–0–14–0

S Thomas                10-0–42–1

Joe Fagg                 4–0-25–1

Charlie Sorensen        10–0-44–1

Laurie March             2–0– 5–1

P Metcalf              0.3–0– 4-1


Bully Boys


Paul Newman             run out                            3

Ben Collins             bowled               Morkel (P)    0

Charlie Sorensen        ct Marshall (G)      Shotten (A)   6

Joe Fagg                lbw                  Morkel (P)    0

Laurie March            bowled               Morkel (P)   54

P Metcalf               bowled               Shotton (A)   3

Paul Coyne              ct Shotton (A)       Gibbons      10

L Bezuidenhout          ct Morkel (O)        Anthonisz     9

S Thomas                ct Fullwood          Gibbons       2

N Metcalf               not out                            7

John Marshall           bowled               Morkel (P)   44 

Extras                                                    25

Total                                                    163


Paul Morkel           7.1–1–24-4

Alex Shotton            3–1–17–2

Simon Anthonisz         7–0–32-1

George Gibbons          7–0–34-2

Adam Fullwood           4-1- 3-0

Ollie Reynolds          1–0- 9-0

Will Goulstone          8–1–20-0


Lynxes won by 83 runs


Wednesday July 13 th – Lynxes v Fleet Street Exiles

Match Manager: Nick Pink

Another sunny day saw Lynxes CC host a strong Fleet Street Exiles at Big side. It proved challenging this year to get out a full side and Lynxes were left with 10 players on the day with the fortunate phone call from Bertie Berger at 10:30pm the night before!

Robin Mayes the opposition skipper had no hesitation at the toss electing to bat and it would be a decision that he would not regret as the Exiles built a good early partnership picking off the bad balls and taking advantage of a quick outfield.

Candampully made a very handy 57 and was ably assisted by King and Gale who both made 28 before Luff came in to dominate Lynxes’ bowling with a well constructed 77. The Exiles cruised to 284 for 7 off 50 overs with contributions made throughout their order, leaving an imposing target to chase. 

Pete Coplestone in his third Lynxes appearance bowled well and was unlucky not to pick up a wicket in his brisk 10 overs which went for 32 runs. The pick of the bowlers was Tom Cullen who mixed flight and guile with deceptive changes of pace as he picked up 2 for 29 from his 10 overs. The ever reliable Gary Marshall picked up two late wickets and Ollie Blaydon showed that all his former blow and gusto was best laid to one side as his new meander to the wicket, provided good control, and he was unlucky only to pick up the one wicket. James Barron behind the sticks did a very tidy job!

In reply Robin Mayes demonstrated how difficult the conditions were for the Lynxes batsmen with a controlled spell of bowling of 8 overs 2 for 9. At the other end Pierce ripped through the Lynxes’ opening batsmen with some devastating in-swing on his way to 4 for 27.

Lynxes crumbled to 60 for 7 before a partnership between Lynxes captain Nick Pink (61) with Tom Cullen (15) and then Will Chuter (12) at least provided the Lynxes side with a respectable total. Unfortunately not enough Lynxes batmen could stay in to put in a good total and Pink was the last man out trying to move the score along. 

Fleet Street Exiles for the second year in a row took a well deserved 148 run victory, and showed the right way to bat and bowl on Big Side. The wicket certainly did not help the Lynxes side who hope that the winter work will provide an equal contest for sides batting first and second next year. Thanks must go to the Exiles team for the manner in which they played the game and we look forward to this fixture continuing for many years to come.

Fleet Street Exiles        

V Candampully           ct Pink        Cullen         57

C King                  ct and bowled                 28

S Gale                  ct Blayden     Cullen         28

H Luff                  bowled         Marshall (G)   77

C Cavener               lbw            Marshall (G)   28

A Martin                ct Copplestone Blaydon        25

R Pierce                not out                       30

Richard Mayes           lbw            Copplestone     0

D Buckland              DNB 

C Pierce                DNB

Robin Mayes             DNB

Extras                                                11 

Total                                          284 for 7


Bertie Berger           6–0–48–0

Peter Copplestone      10-1–32–0

Tom Cullen             10–1–29–2

Will Chuter             4–0–33–0

Richard Iveson          5–2-33–0

Ollie Blaydon           6–1-40-1

Gary Marshall           9–0–52-2



Bertie Berger           bowled          Mayes          8

Mark Dodds              bowled          Pierce (C)     4

James Barron            lbw             Pierce (C)     2

Nick Pink               lbw             Martin        61

Gary Marshall           lbw             Mayes          1

Richard Iveson          bowled          Pierce (C)     3

Peter Copplestone       bowled          Pierce (C)     4

Tom Cullen              ct Mayes        Gale          15

Will Chuter             ct ?            Martin        12

Ollie Blaydon           not out                        1

Extras                                                25

Total                                                136


R Mayes                 8–4– 9–2

C Pierce                8–0–27–4

S Gale                  5–1-13-1

R Mayes                 7–0–41–0

R Pierce                5–1–17–0

A Martin                3–0–10-2

Lynxes lost by 148 runs


Thursday July 14 th – Lynxes v Kensington and Chelsea Strays

Match Manager: Gary Marshall

Will Chuter brought a side down to beat the Lynxes and this was achieved in a very good game of cricket.

K&C batted first and through a very good 55 from their young county opener Membury they a made a solid start and it was a surprise when he played  a loose shot and was caught off the bowling of Simon Anthonisz. From this moment the Lynxes seemed to have control of the game as no other batsman got away. Anthonisz finished with 3-26. The pick of the bowlers was young Finn Hulbert a year 10 boy from the school who plays county cricket for Sussex. He bowled with good pace and control and despite no luck early on came back to take a hat-trick of all bowled wickets. K&C made 176 which was an inflated score largely due to the Lynxes not having a regular keeper. The extras totalled 38 and this proved to being the deciding factor in the match as the Lynxes fell 12 runs short of victory.

The Lynxes reply started with M Dodds scoring 25 but veterans Peter Newman and Gary Marshall both went cheaply and then Mike Daley 24 and Hamish Cloke 70 made a victory look possible but once they had been dismissed the Lynxes fell short.

Despite losing it was an excellent game of cricket for the Club and with two year 10 boys from the school, Finn Hulbert and Hamish Cloke there is promise for the future of Lynxes cricket.

Kensington and Chelsea Strays

Membury                ct Marshall (G)      Anthonisz    55

Chuter                 ct Dodds             O’Collins    19

Van Dram               ct Dodds             Cloke        10

Sayed                  lbw                  Anthonisz     4

Fireman Al             ct Marshall (G)      Anthonisz     4

George                 ct Daley             Schindler    17

Pacher                 bowled               Hulbert      13

Davies                 bowled               Hulbert      11

Blaydon                bowled               Jamieson      5

Jack                   bowled               Hulbert       0

Westhead               not out                            0

Extras                                                   38

Total                                                   176       


Finn Hulbert           10–4–23–3 (including a Hatrick)

Ollie Jamieson          5–0–19–1

Max O’Collins           4–0–23-1

Hamish Cloke            5–0–26-3

Simon Anthonisz         9–0–26–3

Joe Schindler           5–0–24-1 


Peter Newman           bowled                Van Dram     1

Mark Dodds             ct Membury            Van Dram    25

Gary Marshall          bowled                Van Dram     0

Mike Daley             ct ?                  Chuter      24

Hamish Cloke           ct ?                  Membury     70

Finn Hulbert           ct ?                  Chuter      18

Max O’Collins          bowled                Chuter       6

Joe Schindler          ct ?                  Membury      4

Ollie Jamieson         not out                            6

Simon Anthonisz        ct ?                  Membury      0

Extras                                                   11 

Total                                             165 for 9


Maison-Smith            3–0–15–0

Van Dram               10–3–27–3

Davies                  2–0–15–0

Sayed                   5–0–22–0

Pacher                  3–1–14–0

Chuter                  9–3–26–2

Westhead                3–0–21–0

Membury                 3–1– 3–3

Jack                    6–3–19-1

Lynxes lost by 12 runs


Friday July 15 th – Lynxes v Gryphons

Match Manager: Jeremy Lawson

For the second year running, the final match of Lynxes Week was played against the Gryphons XI from Seaford.

We won the toss and batted first on a sunny morning, the best day of the week so far in terms of weather conditions. Jeff Jowers and Max O’Collins opened the batting and, just like last year, the Gryphons’ opening bowlers were quickly into a rhythm. Max went to a dubious LBW decision in the second over for a duck and Jeff was bowled shortly afterwards for 5.

Things were to get worse. When Joe Schindler holed out for 11 and Laurie March got on the wrong end of another LBW shout, their second seamer, Collyer, had 4-13 off six overs and we were reeling at 35 for 4. That said, there was no panic in the pavilion since we had been in the same situation against the Gryphons the previous year, when Nick Pink and Gary Marshall had bailed us out with a century stand. This time Nick came out to join James Barron, but he was unable to repeat his heroics from 2010 and we were 38 for 5 with Pinky failing to trouble the scorers.

Gary Marshall joined Barron and they produced the first worthwhile partnership of the innings, taking the score onto 91 in good time. Baz was looking in good nick and, as is invariably the case when Baz is looking in good nick, calamity is never far around the corner. Indeed, when he slapped a rank long hop around the corner for what looked like a certain boundary, calamity struck. We weren’t quite sure what had happened at first but, as Baz trudged back towards the pavilion, it became clear that he had stepped back onto his stumps while playing the pull shot and was out, hit wicket, for 28.

This brought Jez Lawson to the crease, re-united with Gary out in the middle for the first time since Jez ran him out in the School game a couple of weeks earlier. There were a few close shaves but no disasters and they put on a 90 stand to get the Lynxes up to a respectable score. Lawson was out straight after the drinks break, with an all-too-predictable rush of blood to the young spinner Hemingway. It wasn’t clear if he was bowled or stumped, so perhaps “bumped” is what should go into the scorebook.

With eight overs left and some lusty hitters to come in the form of Ben Stone, Al Cutler and the indomitable Ollie Blaydon, Lynxes seemed poised to score well in excess of 200. As things turned out, the Gryphons’ third change bowler went double-wicket maiden / wicket maiden and wrapped it all up rather quickly. Gary was top scorer on 71 and the innings closed on 186, not a bad score on difficult track, but possibly not enough.

Batting first is always fun on a sunny morning, but there is a price to pay. The BBQs during Lynxes Week are now so good that it is almost impossible to take to the field second without a nagging feeling that everyone will be a yard or two off the pace. So it was all the more remarkable that Lynxes produced such a sprightly fielding display. With Cutler charging down the hill at one and ‘Bullet’ Blaydon (now officially classed as a veteran I believe) manfully coming up the hill at the other, the early signs were encouraging. Inconsistent bounce always manages to buoy the spirits and we knew that enough straight balls would yield results.

Al was first to strike, bowling Gregory to leave the Gryphons on 22 for 1 after seven overs. Hemingway and Paxton then put on 69 for the visitors, when Joe Schindler’s efforts were finally rewarded with a leading edge to slip. Bullet bowled 10 overs on the spin and was unlucky not to take a wicket in an unusually controlled spell of 0-36. Joe then took a good caught and bowled and Lynxes were suddenly in the hunt, with the opposition at 101 for 3.

Max O’Collins came on as third change and ripped out their middle order, reducing the Sussex side to 144 for 7. Ben Stone took a good catch and bowled nicely at the other end. It was becoming a terrific match and the tension built further when Joe nibbled out another one and it was 170 for 8. However, Gryphons’ Skipper Toby Mullins and the unflappable Smedley batted well and, with 5 needed off the last over, Smedley smote the winning runs with a four over square leg with just three balls to spare.

So, it’s one-all in the series for this new fixture and we look forward to another great game in 2012.



Jeff Jowers             bowled                 Collyer      5

Max O’Collins           lbw                    Collyer      0

Joe Schindler           ct ?                   Collyer     11

James Barron            hit wicket             Lewis       28

Laurie March            lbw                    Collyer      1

Nick Pink               bowled                 Smedley      0

Gary Marshall           ct ?                   Stevenson   71

Jeremy Lawson           st.?                   Hemingway   29

Ben Stone               bowled                 Stevenson    3

Alistair Cutler         bowled                 Stevenson    0

Ollie Blaydon           not out                             2

Extras                                                     36

Total                                                     186


Smedley                  8–6–21–0

Collyer                 10–1–42-4

Nelmes                   7–0–33–0

Lewis                    5–0–35–1

Stevenson                9–2–24–3

Hemingway                2–0–16–1

Paxton                   1–0– 5–0



Gregory                 bowled                 Cutler       3

Hemingway               ct Marshall (G)        Schindler   32

Paxton (S)              lbw                    O’Collins   46

Lewis                   ct and bowled          Schindler    4

Riddle                  bowled                 O’Collins    7

Collyer                 ct Stone               O’Collins   11

Paxton (B)              ct and bowled          O’Collins    0

Smedley                 not out                            25

Stevenson               ct O’Collins           Schindler   11

Mullins                 not out                             8

Nelmes                  did not bat

Extras                                                     42

Total                                               189 for 8       


Alistair Cutler         10–2–35–1

Ollie Blaydon           10–2–36–0

Joe Schindler           11-2–38–3

Ben Stone                7–0–30–0

Max O’Collins          8.3–0-28–4

Gary Marshall            2–0– 7–0

Lynxes lost by 2 wickets