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This year the Lynxes week started before the end of the School’s summer term. The game against the School took place on the previous Sunday and the Lynxes were heavily defeated by a young side, which was strengthened by an exchange student from Pembroke College, Australia. The continuing fine weather allowed all games to be completed and full sides to be raised.


The ground (thanks to the excellent work of Steven Hooper) was once again in great condition. The wicket is on its way back but further remedial treatment is planned for this autumn to improve the consistency of the bounce. Lunches and teas were excellent thanks to Graeme Edmonds and his school catering staff. The Club owes many thanks to Gary Marshall’s for his “on the day” organisation.


Including the game against the school a total of six matches were played (all with limited overs format) with wins against the Kensington and Chelsea Strays and the Gryphons (a new fixture). The matches against the School, Scorpions, Bully Boys and Fleet Street Exiles were lost.


The most pleasing point was the number of Cranbrookians who agreed to play during the week, nearly forty in total including six School players. These were:


Alastair Baker (W 1994), Simon Anthonisz (R 1970), James Barron (CR 1991), Matt Bates (H 1990), Hal Bedford-Cooper (School), Oli Blaydon (CS 1996), Will Chuter (W 1996), Patrick Coyne (2009), Mike Daley (2007), Owen Dearn (School), Jon Drake (1999), Adam Fullwood (A 2004), John Furminger (Staff), Will Goulstone (2005), Oli Hicken (A 2004), Richard Iveson (08), Jeremy Lawson (A 1990), Dave Lewis (School),  Nick Manser (School), Ed Marley (CS 1987), Gary Marshall (H 1977), John Marshall (H 1978), Oliver Morkel (A 2005), Paul Morkel (A 2004), Toby Mullins (R 1979), Max O’Collins (W 2009), Jeremy Philpot (A 1976), Nick Pink (C 1995), Ollie Reynolds (H 2004), Joe Schindler (School), Dan Sims (A 2004), Freddie Skarbek (School), Richard Smith (R 2009), Charlie Thompson (W 1994), Philip Thompson (H 1963), Toby Walker (W 2009), Dan Wickham (2005), Hugo Youngman (A 1983)        


Several other O.C’s played against us and our guest players included Jack Marshall (Gary’s son).


We hope all those who supported the Club this summer enjoyed their cricket which, as usual, was played in a friendly but competitive manner.


See the Facebook group Lynxes Cricket Week for further information regarding Lynxes Cricket in 2010 and the plans for next year.


Jeremy Barham


Key points from the Lynxes AGM and review of the 2010 Week


Bigside - the remedial work on the square (initiated in 2008) and the reseeding in 2009 was not wholly successful. Further work will be done this autumn. Portable sightscreens are not likely to be purchased by the School.


School links –The appointment of Christine Newman as Alumni Relations Officer will improve the liaison between the Lynxes and Old Cranbrookians generally.


Lynxes Cups – Gary Marshall was awarded the Andrew Bond Cup for his 151 runs in the week and Hal Bedford-Cooper the David Winterbottom Cup for taking 5 wickets in his two matches during the week.


Lynxes funds - current funds are at a satisfactory level and the week ran at a profit. Current school players continued to play without having to pay match fees.


Fixtures 2011 - The Lynxes entry into BM Cricket World Trophy knock-out competition for Old Boys’ teams will be reviewed by the Committee. This is only valid if someone is prepared to lead a quality squad prepared to play up to 4 rounds. The fixtures and Match Managers are expected to be the same as in 2010.


All matches will probably be played on 50 overs per side basis with one break for a BBQ lunch.


Database and communications - the database is continually being updated but it is critical that all OC’s advise any change of e mail address and mobile number.


The membership of the facebook group Lynxes Cricket Week is growing slowly.


Colin Barrett and John Taylor, respectively, have kindly agreed to maintain the Lynxes website and the record of players’ averages.


Officers of the Club - the following have agreed to act as officers of the Club in 2011.


President         Jeremy Barham

Chairman          Gary Marshall

Treasurer         Charles Thompson

Match Secretary   Tom Allen

Committee         Jeremy Lawson

                  Will Chuter

                  Oliver Morkel

                  Nick Pink


Tim Spelling has retired as Chairman and, in recognition of his work on behalf of the Club and his outstanding playing record, he has been elected a Vice-President of the Club.  


Sunday July 5 th - Lynxes v School (45 overs per side)


A wonderful sunny day on Bigside with wickets tumbling in the afternoon.


The School started well with Tom Seagrim (Australian from Pembroke College and new holder of the school’s batting record) and Bertie Berger taking advantage of some generous bowling - although Toby Mullins is adamant that the former was out when his score was a mere 25. Fielding was difficult on a lightning fast outfield. After their dismissals (Tom made an impressive 91), Gary Marshall, brother John and Richard Smith (off one pace) slowly got amongst the wickets, but only after Joe Schindler, Nick Manser and Tom Berger had made solid contributions. James Barron pulled off a great catch in the deep towards the end of the innings but 267 off 45 overs was a huge task facing the Lynxes.

The Lynxes batsmen found life difficult when facing the opening attack of Freddie Petch and Hal Bedford-Cooper, who generally bowled fast and straight. James Barron battled away for a quarter century and John Marshall (as last year) played a heroic innings of 21 not out as the Lynxes, who were not able to deal with the variability of the wicket, scraped their way to the modest total of 88 runs.


Given that this was not the regular School 1st XI we lost the Wybourn Trophy to a very competent team.


Match Manager: Gary Marshall




Tom Seagrim          st Mullins        Smith               91

Bertie Berger        ct Barron         Daley               14

Joseph Schindler     ct G.Marshall     Smith               40

Nick Manser          bowled            Drake               32

Tom Berger           bowled            Gary Marshall       27

Freddie Skarbek      bowled            Gary Marshall        4

Angus Furneaux       bowled            John Marshall       19

Dave Lewis           ct Barron         John Marshall        0

Freddie Petch        bowled            John Marshall        5

Hal Bedford-Cooper   bowled            John Marshall        4

Douglas Gordon       not out                                0

Extras                                                     31


Total                                                     267


Jon Drake             9 – 0 – 54 – 1

John Marshall         9 – 0 – 61 - 4

Mike Daley            4 – 0 - 29 - 1

Jack Marshall         4 – 0 – 27 – 0

Richard Smith         9 – 2 – 51 - 2

Gary Marshall         9 – 1 - 57 - 2



James Barron          lbw              Lewis               25

Richard Smith         ct Furneaux      Bedford-Cooper       1

Patrick Acheson       bowled           Bedford-Cooper       3

Gary Marshall         bowled           Bedford-Cooper       0

Toby Mullins          bowled           Schindler            5

Jon Drake             bowled           Schindler            0

John Marshall         not out                              22

Mike Daley            bowled           Lewis                9

Jeremy Philpot        bowled           Gordon               2      

Jack Marshall         bowled           Dearn                4      

Extras                                                     17


Total                                                      88


Freddie Petch         6 – 1 – 21 - 0             

Hal Bedford-Cooper    6 – 2 - 12 - 3

Joseph Schindler      2 – 1 -  6 - 2

Freddie Skarbek       2 – 0 –  9 - 0

Dave Lewis            5 – 1 – 17 - 2

Owen Dearn          3.1 – 1 –  5 - 1

Douglas Gordon        2 – 0 – 12 - 1


Lynxes lost by 179 runs

Sunday July 11 th - Lynxes v Scorpions
After another fantastic BBQ lunch we played a 40 over game. The Scorpions non playing manager Nigel Wheeler won the toss and elected to bat. P Wooldridge the current Eastbourne College 1st XI captain played a flawless innings of 114 before retiring. This ensured that the Scorpions finished with a very good total of 268 from 40 overs. The pick of the bowlers were Hal Bedford-Cooper with 2-46 and Dave Lewis 2-39.


Robin ‘ringer’ Wilson who played against the Scorpions 2 years ago and scored a hundred could not repeat his heroics and we were soon losing wickets regularly and falling well behind the required rate. Only Patrick Coyne 28, Toby Mullins 19 and some lusty blows from Dave Lewis 24 put up any resistance. We ended well beaten on 107 all out.


Match Manager: Gary Marshall




P Wooldridge          Retired                             114

D Stewart             st Mullins          Lewis            28

P Addo                ct Bedford-Cooper   Lewis             3

J Arscott             ct Marshall,G       Coyne            47     

D Talbot              bowled              Bedford-Cooper   19

J Wooldridge          not out                              27

S Beal                bowled              Bedford-Cooper    2

M Wooldridge          not out                               0

N. Ollenu             did not bat                                             

P Butler              did not bat

G Wooldridge          did not bat

Extras                                                     28


Total    (40 overs)                                       268                 


Hal Bedford Cooper    8 – 0 – 46 - 2

Patrick Coyne         8 – 1 – 50 – 1

Richard  Smith        8 – 1 – 43 - 0

Dave Lewis            8 – 1 – 39 - 2                          

Richard Iveson        4 – 0 – 38 - 0  

Gary Marshall         4 – 0 – 31 – 0



R Wilson              ct Wicketkeeper    Ollenu             5

John Furminger        ct                 Butler             1

Hugo Youngman                                               1

Gary Marshall         bowled             Butler             0

Patrick Coyne         lbw                Talbot            28                          

Toby Mullins          bowled             Beal              19

Richard Iverson       ct                 Beal               3

Dave Lewis            ct                 Wooldridge,J.     24

Richard  Smith        ct Wicketkeeper    Beal               0  

Hal Bedford Cooper    ct                 Talbot             0

Philip Thompson       not out                               0

Extras                                                     18  


Total    (28.1 overs)                                     107


N. Ollenu             6 – 1 – 13 – 1

P Butler              8 – 1 – 23 - 3

D Talbot              8 – 0 – 41 - 2

S Beal                6 – 2 – 20 - 3  

J Wooldridge        0.1 – 0 –  0 – 1


Lynxes lost by 161 runs

Tuesday July 13 th - Lynxes v Bully Boys


The Bully Boys arrived at Big Side to find a rain sodden pitch, with the grounds men resorting to the use of oversize hair dryers to make the pitch playable. It was wisely decided to let the pitch dry and an early lunch was taken. After lunch Bully Boys were inserted on the lively looking wicket in a reduced 40 over a side match.
The innings started slowly for the visitors, with the Lynxes bowling well on a seam friendly pitch and the run rate was kept low. After the openers finished off their spells, the Lynxes saw the ball start to move off the square, with school Australian opening up and playing some shots. After his departure for a well made 50, things started to turn in favour of the Lynxes once more. Simon Anthonisz causing some damage with his interesting take on bowling; running in quicker than the ball reached the bat. This said he was the man to remove the middle order, with control that frustrated the batsmen, picking up 4-47. The other bowlers picked up the remaining wickets between them, with Nick Fowler causing some concern with his leg side 22. At the close, 187 seemed a good total on a pitch that was difficult early on, but the home side fancied it was achievable with their youthful hockey-based batting line up.

The reply got off to a positive start with Dan Wickham and Gary Marshall making a good solid partnership before Wickham fell for 21. Marshall began to accelerate after this as he witnessed a brief procession of batsmen who promised much more with their chat than they delivered with their bats. When Marshall was out for 40 the Lynxes were in some trouble five down with under 80 on the board. Ollie Morkel and Oli Reynolds began repairing the innings and some long arm shots from Reynolds produced some good looking sixes. Ollie Morkel was removed for 25 and Reynolds for 32 just as they were both moving on well and looked like really threatening the total. This was a setback, but skipper Paul Morkel tried to take on the bowling against an increasing run rate in the last ten overs. When the skipper was stumped from some nagging bowling from Fowler for 21, the chase was all but over and the last wicket taken shortly after, with the Lynxes all out in the last over 12 runs short.


Match Mangers: Oliver and Paul Morkel

Bully Boys


187 from 40 overs   (Tom Seagrim 58, Nick Fowler 22)


Paul Morkel           6 – 3 – 10 - 0

Oliver Reynolds       8 – 0 – 28 - 1

Oliver Morkel         8 – 0 - 37 – 0

Simon Anthonisz       8 – 0 – 47 - 4

Will Goulstone        6 – 0 - 23 – 1

George Hartley        4 – 0 – 30 - 1




Gary Marshall         40

Dan Wickham           21

Olli Hicken            0

Adam Fullwood          9

Dan Sims               0

Oliver Morkel         25

Olli Reynolds         32

Will Goulstone         9

Paul Morkel           21

George Hartley         5

Simon Anthonisz        0

Extras                13


Total                175  (39.2 overs)


Lynxes lost by 12 runs

Wednesday July 14 th – Lynxes v Fleet Street Exiles


The Wednesday Lynxes XI on paper had a well balanced side of youth and matured experience. This, however, did not translate to anything in the game situation, as the Lynxes’ side suffered a comprehensive defeat by 9 wickets.
Having lost the toss and being asked to bat first, the Lynxes’ side failed to cope with the conditions in the air and on the pitch as Robin Mayes ripped through the top order. Rich Iveson, batting at number 6, was the first player to reach double figures, as he battled his way to a well made 23, with some rear guard support by a wagging tail including Jo Schindler, Bernard Scholtz and Will Chuter, who each made 16. This at least gave the Lynxes something to defend, as they scratched their way to 107 all out.

The Fleet Street Exiles had a different approach however and blasted their way to victory with R White making 70 not out. The match started off as a 50 over per side, and in the end only 50 overs were needed in total for this victory from the Exiles.


Nick Pink





Nick Manser           3   

Jeremy Lawson         6

Gary Marshall         4

James Barron          8

O Smith               0

Richard Iveson       23

Nick Pink             0

Joseph Schindler     16

Bernie Scholtz       16

Will Chuter          16

Olli Blaydon          0 not out

Extras               15


Total               107  (34.1 overs)


Fleet Street Exiles        


108 for 2 (20 overs)


Will Chuter           4 – 2 – 19 - 1

Richard Iveson        8 – 1 – 32 – 0

Olli Blaydon          4 – 1 – 18 – 0

Nick Manser           2 – 0 – 17 – 0

?                     1 – 0 –  7 – 0


Lynxes lost by 9 wickets


Thursday July 15 th – Lynxes v Kensington and Chelsea Strays


Overnight rain delayed the start until the afternoon and reduced the match to 40 overs per side. Will Chuter, the opposition captain and opening bowler, obtained plenty of lateral movement in his opening spell, which was well negotiated by Lynx openers Charlie Thompson (17) and Nick Pink (20). Their stand of 47 laid the foundation for what was to prove a winning score. Patrick Coyne (20) and Gary Marshall (25) chipped in, but Fred Skarbeck’s 65 was the mainstay of the innings – firm striking of straight deliveries characterising his knock. Lusty late blows from Toby Mullins, Jez Lawson and Hal Bedford-Cooper left the visitors requiring well in excess of five runs per over.


Three quick wickets in reply (2 from Coyne) determined the outcome of the match. Thereafter, K&C Strays were struggling both with the rate and with preservation of wickets. Charlie Howe’s muscular 53 offered the only resistance and the Lynxes victory was secured in the 36th over; 2 wickets apiece to Bedford-Cooper, Coyne and Ed Marley. The second half of the match was bathed in glorious sunshine. Our thanks go to the groundstaff for their attention to detail and to the school caterers for their superb lunch and tea.


Tom Allen




Charlie Thompson      17

Nick Pink             20

Patrick Coyne         20

Freddie Skarbek       65

Gary Marshall         25

Jeremy Lawson         18

Toby Mullins          10

Hal Bedford-Cooper    14 not out

Ed Marley              0

Owen Dearn             6 not out

Greg Bird                did not bat

Extras                21  


Total                217 (40 overs)


Kensington and Chelsea Strays
120 all out  (34.5 overs)


Greg Bird             7 – 3 – 18 – 1

Patrick Coyne         4 - 3 –  4 - 2

Ed Marley             6 – 2 – 18 – 2

Owen Dearn            7 – 1 – 23 - 1

Hal Bedford–Cooper  6.5 – 1 - 23 - 3

Gary Marshall         4 – 1 – 22 – 2


Lynxes won by 93 runs



Friday July 16 th – Lynxes v Gryphons


The final match of the 2010 Lynxes Week saw a new fixture against new opposition, the Gryphons XI from Seaford.


The gryphon or griffin (Latin: gryphus) is a legendary creature with the body of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle. As the lion was traditionally considered the king of the beasts and the eagle the king of the birds, the gryphon was thought to be an especially powerful and majestic creature. We knew we would be in for a tough game.


Lynxes batted first and were soon in trouble, with three of their younger players (O’Collins, Walker and Iveson) back in the hut with barely 20 on the board. In such situations, you need a Graham Thorpe rather than an Ian Bell coming in at number 4. Fortunately, we had Gary Marshall, who had been in this situation on Big Side many, many times before. Along with the impressive Nick Pink, they set about re-building the Lynxes innings with a century stand, which surely must have been the only stand to reach three figures of the week on Big Side this year.


When Nick was out for exactly 50, Fred Skarbek followed soon after for a duck and it looked as though another collapse was on the cards. Matt Bates, playing in his first game of the year, scored some useful runs though and his 17 helped to edge Lynxes nearer to 200. After Matt was out, skipper Lawson was clean bowled for nought and the rest of the tail offered some brief resistance to help Gary reach 86. At 217 all out on a difficult wicket, this was a decent effort from the home side however. A young lad named Jack Hemingway (son of fashion designer Wayne) impressed with the ball for The Gryphons and will surely be one to watch for the future.


With very few recognised bowlers in the team (and the usual complaints of bodily meltdown on Lynxes Friday from “Bullet” Blaydon), the new ball options were somewhat limited. However, Fred Skarbek manfully agreed open the attack in spite of a lack of bowling this season due to back trouble and Bullet performed very creditably from the other end, finding his best snarling rhythm after the Gryphons’ opener failed to walk after the clearest of snicks. In all, Ollie bowled nine overs on the trot, returning 2 for 31. Fred – who ended up with 2 for 41 – was unlucky not to take an early wicket at the other end when the second opener failed to walk for another clear edge. On both occasions, Toby Walker had done brilliantly to snaffle the chances and deserved better for his efforts behind the stumps.


Bernie Scholtz (a full Namibia international) was a ‘useful’ addition to the Lynxes outfit and his first over was about as unplayable as it gets on the Big Side square. His slow left-armers were beautifully varied and he returned a miserly 1 for 18 off eight overs. With Max O’Collins equally Scrooge-like at the other end, the Gryphons never looked like they would reach their target, despite some very clean hitting by Toby Mullins late on. Max’s bowling was the main difference and he scooped 4 for 18 from his maximum ten. When Gary Marshall took the final wicket off his third delivery, the game was done and the Lynxes had won by 49 runs.


A 9th-century Irish writer by the name of Stephen Scotus asserted that gryphons were strictly monogamous. Twelve centuries later, the Gryphons showed that they were still not very comfortable playing away from home. That said, they were very welcome guests and we hope that Toby and his crew might consider returning during Lynxes week in 2011.


Jeremy Lawson




Max O’Collins          2

Toby Walker           13

Richard Iveson         5

Gary Marshall         86

Nick Pink             50

Freddie Skarbek        0

Matt Bates            17

Jeremy Lawson          0

Alastair Baker         4

Bernie Scholtz         6 not out

Olli Blaydon           1

Extras                33


Total                217   (48.1 overs)


168 all out  (45.3 overs)


Freddie Skarbek        10 – 1 – 41 - 2

Olli Blaydon            9 – 2 - 31 - 1

Bernie Scholtz          8 – 3 – 18 – 1

Matt Bates              3 – 0 – 21 - 0

Max O’Collins          10 – 1 – 18 - 3

Richard Iveson          5 – 0 - 35 - 1

Gary Marshall         0.3 – 0 –  2 – 1


Lynxes won by 49 runs