All fixtures are played at the school ground, Bigside.
Match fees £10 (£5 for students) - to include BBQ lunch.
No match fee for players still at school (or in their leaving year).
Matches are open to anyone with an affiliation to the school - all current and former pupils, staff, parents, etc.
If you would like to play in any of the games, please email or call the appropriate match manager.


Sat 15th July, at the school, 7.30pm

 Date  Opposition

 Match Manager (& email)  Tel:
 Fri,  7th July 2017  School  

 Owen Dearn & Joe Schindler  07855 788254(OD) 07772 300218 (JS)
 Sun,  9th July 2017  Old Suttonians
  BBQ lunch 12pm
 Start 2pm
 40 overs

 Sam Stibbs  07531 926470
 Mon, 10th July 2017  OCA Golf Day  

 Mike Jakob & Jeremy Philpot  07854 098681(MJ) 07793 121024(JP)
 Tue, 11th July 2017  Bully Boys  Start 11.30am
 BBQ lunch approx 2.45pm
 50 overs

 Gary Marshall  07866 430289
 Wed, 12th July 2017  Fleet Street Exiles   Start 11.30am
 BBQ lunch approx 2.45pm
 50 overs

 James Barron  07958 379192
 Thu, 13th July 2017 Nick Manser XI Start 11.30am
 BBQ lunch approx 2.45pm
 50 overs

 Sam Stibbs 07531 926470
 Fri, 14th July 2017 Matt Hall XI  Start 11.30am
 BBQ lunch approx 2.45pm
 50 overs

  Owen Dearn & Joe Schindler 07855 788254(OD) 07772 300218 (JS)
 Sat, 15th July 2017 The Lynxes Lash
 BBQ lunch 1pm
 Start 2pm
 T20 competition

 Jez Lawson & Gary Marshall  07990 568169(JL) 07866 430289(GM)