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The John Wybourn Cup

H.J. (Henry John) Wybourn (CR 1951) was elected to the Lynxes in 1952 and was one of the club’s most loyal members. His playing career, principally as a bowler, was cut short by injury but he continued to be active in administrative roles for many years and he never failed to attend the week as a knowledgeable and enthusiastic supporter. Henry’s playing record for the Lynxes was as follows:


41 Innings (17 not out)

366 runs (1 score of 50 or over; top score 63*)

Average 15.25


176 Overs (41 maidens)

30 wickets for 498 runs (5 wickets or more once)

Average 16.60


In 2003 the Lynxes decided to introduce a cup in his name to mark his 50 years of attending Lynxes week. In the Lynxes match versus the School the Captain of the losing side presents the cup to the Captain of the winning side.
Previous Trophy Winners:
      2004    School (won by 104 runs)
      2005    Drawn
      2006    Lynxes (won by 4 wickets)
      2007    School (won by 1 wicket)
      2008    Lynxes (won by 93 runs)
      2009    School (won by 41 runs)
      2010    School (won by 179 runs)
      2011    School (won by 119 runs)
      2012    School (won by 111 runs)
      2013    School (won by 38 runs)
      2014    School (won by 84 runs)

      2015    School (won by 4 wickets)
      2016    Lynxes (won by 184 runs)
      2017    Lynxes (won by 141 runs)