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The Bluemantles Tankard

After the game against the Bluemantles in 1997, a Tankard was presented by the opposing Captain, Peter Morris, to the Lynxes.


The Tankard is inscribed “Presented to Cranbrook Lynxes by Bluemantles C.C. to celebrate their 50th cricket week".


The first game between the two clubs was played in 1949 but the fixture was discontinued after 2004 due to the difficulty of raising sides.


The winners of the Tankard were as follows:


1997                Bluemantles C.C.

1998                Match not played

1999                Lynxes C.C.

2000                Lynxes C.C.

2001                Lynxes C.C.

2002                Lynxes C.C.

2003                Bluemantles C.C.

2004                Match Drawn


There have not been any matches since 2004.