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FWL Evans Memorial Trophy

Frank Evans (“Joe”) was Master in charge of Cricket at the School for 31 years. He founded the Lynxes and was the Club’s President between 1947 and 1979.


In 1980 the Club presented a trophy his memory, to be played for in the Lynxes match versus Cranbrook Town.


This fixture was played on at home and away in alternate years from 1985 onwards, but in 2003 the fixture was dropped due to the difficulty in raising sides.


Since the Lynxes club was formed the overall record against Cranbrook Town has been as follows:


Played 46        Won 23           Drawn 10        Lost 13           


Winners of the Trophy were as follows:


1980                Lynxes C.C.

1981                Match drawn

1982                Lynxes C.C.

1983                Match drawn

1984                Lynxes C.C.

1985                No play - rain

1986                Cranbrook C.C.

1987                Match abandoned - rain

1988                Lynxes C.C.
1989                  Match drawn
1990                  Cranbrook C.C.

1991                Cranbrook C.C.

1992                Lynxes C.C.

1993                Match drawn

1994                Lynxes C.C.

1995                Lynxes C.C.

1996                Lynxes C.C.

1997                Lynxes C.C.

1998                Lynxes C.C.

1999                Match rained off

2000                Match cancelled

2001                Lynxes C.C.   

2002                Lynxes C.C.   

2003                Cranbrook C.C.