For 70 years Lynxes Cricket Club has been giving Old Cranbrookians an opportunity to catch up with school friends and relive those glory days and rivalries on Big Side.
The cricket is good quality, with as much emphasis on making each match as enjoyable as possible. BBQ lunches, generous teas and a plentiful supply of liquid refreshment from the bar mean that even if you don't cover yourself in glory on the pitch you can still be guaranteed a good day with your mates. And after the match, there's always the option to carry on the post-mortem in the pub or the curry house.
For many OC's Lynxes week is a fantastic way to keep in touch with friends and contemporaries. So get a bunch of mates together, pick your games from the fixtures list and book in for some long summer days on Big Side.

A message from a recent leaver
One of the best things about summer for me is a sweltering day on Big Side, playing cricket and reminiscing about school days. That probably makes me sound like a man on the brink of retirement with a huge mortgage, kids about to go off to uni and a love for early morning golf days. However, at the relatively tender age of 21, I’ve realized that this is the harsh reality of life after school. Friends I vowed to see every uni holidays have simply not always been about when I am. However, the constant of the Lynxes Cricket Week has proved to be a great way to see old mates and meet new people from different Cranbrook eras. read more....
Club Officers
President:        Gary Marshall (H77)
Past President:   Jeremy Barham (C60)
Vice Presidents:  T.Barlow
Chairman:         Nick Pink (C95)
Treasurer:        Charlie Thompson (W94)
Fixtures Sec:     Tom Allen (W86)
Committee:        Joe Schindler (A12)
                  Jez Lawson (A90)
                  Oliver Morkel (A05)
                  Owen Dearn (W12)
                  Paul Morkel (A04)
                  Patrick Coyne (07)
                  Max O'Collins (W09)
       Club Honours
    Cricket World Trophy        
      1990    Winners
      2005    Winners (match report)